Check out these fun volleyball drills. Volleyball is a fantastic sport for kids to get involved in. As well as keeping them active it teaches kids awesome social skills too. Being a team player, healthy competitiveness and good communication are all great skills to acquire. The best way to engage kids is to make volleyball drills fun, especially for beginners! We have some fun volleyball drills to encourage participation in the sport whilst learning valuable game skills and techniques.

When choosing drills to use with kids it’s important to keep them interesting and fun. We’ve put together a list of some volleyball drills that will teach kids some basics like passing and serving but will also engage them by making it fun!

Warm Up

It’s super important before any of the fun stuff that kids warm up to get their bodies limber and to get the blood circulating. This can be something as simple as a few steady laps round the gym or sports field.  Also include some stretching such as lunges, squats, arm swings and waist twists.

Line Pass Drill

Organise the players into two lines facing each other. The players must start passing the ball to the opposite player and then run to the other end of the line. This drill is great as it incorporated a fitness element too.  To make it more interesting or competitive point could be awarded to the line that finishes first. Make it the best of 3 to keep the momentum going!

Under The Net Drill

All the kids stand on one side of the net to begin with and each one is given a number from 1 – however many there are (obvs!). Coach stands on the other side and serves the ball over to kid number one. If the kids successfully return the ball back over the net they then run ‘under the net’ to serve the ball over to the next kid. If they don’t manage to hit the ball back over the net they are out.

Dead Fish Drill

This is a great fun serving drill. Split the kids up in to two groups and place a group each side of the net. The players start serving with the aim of getting an accurate serve over to the other side. However, if the server hits the net or serves out of bounds they become a ‘dead fish’ and have to lie on the ground on their stomachs. The aim then is for the servers on the other side to aim their serve to land near any ‘dead fish’. If the dead fish can touch the ball served with their hand as it lands they then escape out of the pond and become a server again!

Try these fun volleyball drills for kids and enjoy the fun!

Kids…if your training is becoming boring…tell your coach about these drills!




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